Hotpot on Friday Night

Hotpot on Friday Night

Last Friday, Yuefeng Pan invited Hannah and her boy friend to try a pretty special Chinese food called “hotpot” and they did had a great time. We can see from the picture that the food is REALLY delicious!

How to use chopsticks?

How to use chopsticks?

Last weekend, Alice and her buddy Jessica went to a chinese buffet together. That was Jessica’s first time using the chopsticks, and we can see from the picture that she is a pretty good learner!

Potluck Closing Dinner

Potluck Closing Dinner

Groups prepared meals from around the world- Global interns prepared dishes from the countries they would be visiting this summer.International buddies were invited to prepare a dish from their hometown.

Drink Bubble Tea for the first time!

Drink Bubble Tea for the first time!

Anna is a Junior student majoring in Market. Her partner, Shan, is sophomore majoring in MIS. This is the first time for Anna to try bubble tea, a traditional asian drink. You can tell from her face that she loves it! Anna and Shan found they have many things in common such as their family structures. Also, they hold similar perspectives even though they have different background. At the end of this meeting, Anna invited Shan to visit her house and have a meal someday. They are both looking forward to meet next time!

Culture Simulation!



Last Friday, all the buddies attended  a stimulation game to help students understand the meaning and impact of culture.

Buddies were randomly assigned into two groups which stand for two artificial cultures. After the buddies learned the rules of their culture, observers are exchanged to the other culture and experienced the culture differences.Image

By participating in this cultural simulation, buddies are able to

“Understand how one’s feelings of attachment to a given culture are learned though the processes of socialization and that one’s tendency to judge other cultures is based on one’s own cultural perspective.”

“Help students to come to appreciate cultural diversity and to examine their attitudes and behaviors towards others who are ‘different’ than themselves.”

“Build awareness of the extent to which cultures can vary (cultural difference) and to help students work through these differences”



Have a cup of Hot Chocolate with your buddy in this chilly weather


Jessica and Yijun have their first meet-up in Java House on Monday night. Java house is one of the best places to hang out with your buddies for the special discount we have from our program and the awesome atmosphere the café offers.  This first meet-up gives Jessica and Yijun the opportunity to have better understanding of each other’s cultures and how different cultures change people’s lifestyles. They also decide that they are going to a typical Chinese restaurant this weekend to experience the special food culture